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ESTATE BULLETIN – OCTOBER 2023 Fellow Residents

Posted .. 8 months, 1 week ago

Ban on overnight by workers

Dear Residents, For some time now, we have been

Posted .. 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Building Modfications

Dear Residents, In line with the existing codes a

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Ban on overnight by workers

Dear Residents,

For some time now, we have been noticing some criminal activities mostly on worksites, and power cables. These thefts have cost the Estate, Strike View and individuals a lot in terms of replacement.

We have also noticed a lot of individuals moving around the estate who claim to be working on sites and apparently sleep on those sites.
Just last night, earthing cables installed on Tuesday on our substation by PHED was vandalized and carted away.
Some people were apprehended same last night along GU Ake Road while vandalizing the street lights. Obviously this is a racket.

Therefore, we want all Landlords and Developers to evict any occupant of uncompleted building to vacate the Estate within 24hrs. Residents should also report any uncompleted building around them that has people living in them.

Subsequently or almost Immediately We will carry out a raid and clear out anyone found in any uncompleted building or without clear residence address.

It doesn’t matter if a Landlord or Developer have previously been permitted to keep workers at site.

All permits for overnight stay are hereby revoked.

We will use our GSAs for this.

Thank you!