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ESTATE BULLETIN – OCTOBER 2023 Fellow Residents

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Ban on overnight by workers

Dear Residents, For some time now, we have been

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Building Modfications

Dear Residents, In line with the existing codes a

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Fellow Residents,

I promised last month to share monthly highlights of the efforts of the executives of your residents’ association (‘excos’) and developments within the estate.

This October, the excos have been able to achieve the following:

• The contract for the Electronic Access System (EAS) was signed and work has already commenced. You may have noticed the installations at the estate gate. I use this opportunity to remind residents to contact the facility management office to obtain their log on details for the automated payment platform which is now live. Landlords are also reminded to ensure that their details are contained in our Landlords Enumeration records. Only Landlords and residents that are in our records will be able to gain access into the estate once the EAS goes live.

• We have been able to recover c N8,651,000 from 135 residents for the Q4 2023 service charge. We implore other residents who are yet to pay to do so to buoy the estate’s purse. We would soon begin to publish names of defaulters for all estate charges and levies.

• We also focused on the comfort and efficiency of the facility management office by purchasing a desktop computer, an inverter system, 2 bicycles, Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) including reflective jackets, helmets, boots and coveralls for our facility management staff. We also repaired the 4 air conditioning units and the fans.

• In addition to the above, we concluded the recruitment of a senior facility manager to beef up the strength of the facility management office. From 6 November, Ms Ruth Anigbo will resume as the Senior Facility Manager for the Estate.

• In the continuous record updates, we have now been able to capture 263 landlord details and 265 residents details. We are still working towards 100% accuracy of our database in preparation for the EAS.

• We were able to complete the repairs of Rd 14 transformer while the transformer for Rd 11 is expected to be delivered shortly. In addition, 2 of the vandals who valdalised the substation have been caught and handed over to the authorities.

. We paid a visit to the PHED within the month to discuss the revamping of the substation and we expect some traction on that soon.

. The drainage project has reached an advanced stage with the drains channelled to link the GU Ake road drain. However, it was discovered that the GU Ake road drains are silted up on our side of the road. We are exploring other options including desilting and portable water pumps (as a temporary measure).

Finaly, as we move towards the end of the year, notices have been issued by our Social and Welfare Secretary requesting for funds towards our End of Year party. We look forward to receiving your usual support and contribution.

We plead for your continued support and cooperation as we move the estate forward.

Humphrey Ezeifedi